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Artlist.io Van egy 4.8 - Csillagos minősítés a 5 értékelések, ami azt jelzi, hogy magas szintű a vásárlói elégedettség!

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Artlist stands as a pioneering force in creative technology, offering a vast catalog of over 2 million professional digital assets for video creation. Renowned for its high quality and exclusivity, these assets are crafted by award-winning artists. Trusted by over 26 million users, including industry giants like Google, Apple, and Amazon, Artlist is hailed as a comprehensive solution for video production needs. With features like unlimited usage, downloads, and a straightforward global license, Artlist empowers creators with unparalleled creative freedom suitable for any project.

Key Details:

  • Location: The company is headquartered in  Tel-Aviv, Israel.
  • Founders: Artlist.io was founded by Ira Belsky, Assaf Ayalon.
  • Foundation Date: The company was established in the year 2016.

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Artlist is a solid option for indie
a TheFuga

Artlist is a solid option for indie filmmakers working with limited budgets. They provide better quality and more up-to-date music compared to other free services. I like their new music platform, their business approach, and how they support the arts. I look forward to seeing Artlist enhance its offerings and become a more trustworthy company, enabling affordable use of high-quality music in films and visual projects. Many thanks!

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I had someproblems with the app.
a Anonymous

I had someproblems with the app. It kept buffering for hours, making it hard to work on my project. Artlist needs to fix these issues soon or they'll lose users, despite having good music. I switched back to EPIDEMIC because it worked without issues. I appreciate KATH for assisting me and processing my refund. Thank you, KATH!

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Artlist's team was fast to assist when
a William

Artlist's team was fast to assist when I needed a refund for the auto-renewal. They promptly credited the refund. Artlist has been our sole source of high-quality Catholic content at an amazing price since 2019. God Bless Artlist.

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Artlist is pure gold.
a Lex

Artlist is pure gold. A one-stop-shop for all your editing needs! Quality content, broad and varied. Easy to use and well organised website. Customer service is second to none.

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Artlist gave me just what I needed
a Oliver

Artlist gave me just what I needed for my property videos - a good track with a license, so I could use it with assurance. Service was always nice, professional, and friendly!

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